How to Plan the Perfect Proposal

So you’ve found “the one” and are ready to get down on one knee and make the commitment to a lifetime of love with your soulmate. Now it’s time to plan your proposal and make it as special as your significant other is! Here are some tips to help you pull off the perfect proposal.

The symbol of love

If you’re not sure what style of ring your bride (or groom!) to-be likes, be sure to check with their mom, sister, and best friends. Chances are this topic is something that your partner has discussed with their friends and family and they will be able to guide you in the right direction! If your significant other has a Pinterest, you can even try looking through their boards. Your significant other may have pinned a few engagement rings ideas, so this is a great starting point! If you’re having trouble finding the perfect ring, online jewelers like Blue Nile make it easy to shop for engagement rings directly online.

Involve her family and loved ones

If you think your significant other would enjoy having her family and loved ones there to be a part of this special moment, invite them to hide out of sight until after you’ve got down on one knee. Whether her friends and family bring bottles of champagne, confetti poppers, flowers, and other celebratory materials or simply just surprise her after you’ve popped the question, her happy response to see her friends and family cheering you on during the special moment will be worth your efforts. If you want the moment to be more private, rather than having friends and family join you at the location, put together a surprise engagement party at your home or a local restaurant to celebrate you and your new bride-to-be with your friends and family.

Location, location, location

When planning your proposal, think of a location that means something to you and your partner. Whether it’s the park where you met or the restaurant where you had your first date, choosing a location that has special meaning to you and your future spouse is crucial. This is a great way to reflect on your time together as a couple and nod to the beautiful moments that got you to where you are today in your relationship.

It’s all in the timing

When it comes to proposing, timing is a tricky thing. Your best bet is to go with the moment that feels right. With that being said, you can still put a bit of planning into when you actually get down on one knee. For example, if you’re planning on proposing at a restaurant instead of working up your nerves through dinner and dessert, pop the question early on in the evening. This way, you and your fiancé can both celebrate together throughout the evening and your nerves don’t get in the way of enjoying your meal!

Speak from your heart

It can be tough to get your feelings across due to your nerves and excitement. A few weeks before popping the question it may be a good idea to sit down and get your ideas together. However, you shouldn’t be following a script word for word. You don’t want your proposal to seem rehearsed. Even if you stumble over your words, real, heartfelt expressions of your love are going to be what makes your proposal so special. Take your time, don’t rush through and speak from your heart. All of this is what makes your partner feel truly loved and adored.

Hire a professional photographer

Your engagement will be one of the most special moments in you and your fiancé’s lives together. Hiring a professional photographer to capture this beautiful moment will take your proposal to the next level and add to the excitement. It’s also a great way to look back on this memory for years to come and show off the way that you proposed! Your photographer can also help with planning your proposal — from choosing a location to coming up with a diversion.

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Amanda H. a diamond and wedding enthusiast.

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