The No-Stress Guide to Wedding Guest Lists (Infographic)

Read this guide to find out everything you need to know about wedding guest list etiquette.

Getting Started 

Before you get started on your wedding guest list, you will need to know three things: 

  1. Your budget
  2. Your venue capacity 
  3. The cost-per-head at your venue

This will help you to set a limit on how many people you can afford to invite. After this, you will need to chat with your partner and create the first draft on a spreadsheet. If it’s under your limit – fantastic! If not – then you will need to look into cutting guests. 

Culling Your Guest List

This task is never easy, but we find that taking a systematic approach works best. Sort each name on your spreadsheet into an A, B or C-list. A-listers being non-negotiable (e.g. family members, best friends) and C-listers will be nice-to-haves (e.g. colleagues, distant relatives). Following this, you will need to categorise your guests into sub-groups (e.g. college friends, old work colleagues etc.). The best way to avoid hurt feelings is by cutting entire groups, so you may want to consider foregoing on plus-ones or having a child-free wedding. Don’t forget that you can invite anyone who didn’t make the list to your after-party. 

Stand Your Ground

At the end of the day, this is your wedding so you and your fiancé will have the final say on who does and doesn’t make the list. You may face some pressure from family and friends, but it’s important to stand by your decisions. If you make an exception for one person, you’ll have problems if you don’t do it for everyone and before you know it your budget will be spiralling out of control. 

Track Your RSVPs

Add an RSVP column to your spreadsheet in which you can track attendee responses. If someone cancels early enough you may be able to offer their space to someone else instead. Be sure to follow-up with non-responders to ensure that you have confirmation from everyone. 

How to Make the Perfect Guest ListThis infographic from The Wedding Band Shop offers some great tried and tested to help you as you design your wedding guest list.

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