Which Wedding Dresses Look Good for a Barn Wedding?

Your wedding is probably the happiest and most important day of your life. However, looking for the right dress can be a stressful experience. Below are some casual wedding dress tips for light-hearted brides.

Choosing a Suitable Wedding Dress

Country Style

A country-style dress is perfect for a laid-back wedding. With a low-key event, you can have a beautiful gown that’s also low priced, for example, you can have a stunning design with vintage lace. Consider adding details such as elegant ruffles to highlight that country look. Finish off the dress by adorning it with a simple flower crown and classic jewellery.

Bohemian Style

The Bohemian look comes in multiple styles, but they all share the same feminine aesthetic with a carefree twist. Bohemian style is also suitable for outdoor casual ceremonies, is perfect for trendy outdoor receptions, is comfortable during the summertime and is ideal for rustic or barn weddings. For this particular dress, crochet and lace fabrics are the perfect selection. To further enhance the boho aesthetic, consider going for long, flowing elegance.

Vintage Style

You can get a taste of the past by opting for a vintage wedding dress. You can go for any era as an alternative to a contemporary dress and can choose a gown decorated with crystals, beads or pearls. However, make sure that you don’t add too much. Consider choosing a simple dress that also creates a luxurious look.

For Summer Weddings

For summer weddings, it’s best to wear a gown that’s both floaty and relaxed. To keep your cool, choose lightweight material such as chiffon or silk. A halter-neck, spaghetti-strap or strapless dress can provide relief from the heat while projecting a feminine, sexy look. A summer wedding allows you to choose a variety of styles.

For Winter Weddings

Fortunately, you can stay warm without having to sacrifice your wedding dress style. The easiest way to add warmth is by complementing your gown with sleeves. For further warmth, consider adding extra layers. The best defence against the chill is stylishly combined outer wear.

With Sleeves

Sleeves can create an air of elegance, so why not consider adding them? If you want to project a classic and romantic look, sleeves are perfect. Fashion experts believe that a minimally designed dress combined with lace detail will impress your partner and guests alike. Sleeves in wedding gowns are timeless favourites.

High Low Hem

A high low hem creates an asymmetrical design – short at the front but long at the back, providing a contrast. This dress style gives an exquisite, elegant appearance as you walk down the aisle. In addition, the high-low appearance is an opportunity to display your legs and shoes. While this dress style is considered non-traditional, the design has been around for a long time. There are several designs you can choose from: you can consider a sharp contrast between lengths, back and front, or go for a more subtle look with less difference in length. Whichever high-low gown you choose, it will make you stand out on your wedding day.


Donning a sexy dress will certainly turn heads on your wedding day. It’s a confident choice for brides who like to create an impression. To perfect the appearance, choose a fitted dress that highlights your figure. Another sexy alternative is to have a low-cut neckline to provide allure and style. Consider picking materials such as lace or silk.

Plus Size

There are some stunning wedding dresses for plus size brides, with various styles and shapes for highlighting your curves, for example, mermaid tyle. An A plus dress can also flatter an hourglass figure, accentuating the hips.

Choosing The Right Footwear

A farm wedding is no place for heels or stilettos. So, consider opting for footwear that’s more practical. If you want to dance outdoors, you can opt for wedges, block heels or cowboy boots. To make it work, ensure that your shoes complement your dress. Fortunately, many farm wedding venues such as CrockwellFarm.co.uk offer outdoor and indoor wedding ceremonies and receptions. So, you can switch to suitable footwear depending on whether you’re outside or inside.

In Conclusion

A casual wedding dress creates a relaxed, laid-back style and gives you the freedom to wear material that feels comfortable on your skin, at the same time creating a stylish look. For footwear, you need to wear something comfortable. Depending on your wedding dress, you can choose footwear ranging from cowboy boots to strappy sandals.

Author’s Bio

Harriet Thame is the marketing head at Crockwell Farm, a venue specialising in barn weddings.