4 Ways to Make Your Wedding One to Remember

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We all want our wedding to be a memorable event. Not only for our guests but for ourselves and our partner as well. Even though there are all sorts of details that go into wedding planning, there are a few things you can do to really take your wedding celebration to the next level. Keep reading on to find out how to make your wedding a celebration that no one will ever forget!

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Take in the moment

Your wedding isn’t only important for your guests to remember but for you and your partner as well. With how busy and stressful wedding planning can get, it can be hard to savor the moment and truly appreciate it for what it is. On your wedding day, take a step back with your partner and truly take in the moment. This wedding day is about the two of you declaring your love for one another so make sure you do exactly that. If you wrote personal vows to one another, you can recite them in front of only the two of you if you want to keep them private. If you get each other meaningful gifts, use that moment to exchange them with each other. However it is that you want to really celebrate the occasion, use the private moment to do exactly that.

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Host it at an unique location

One of the most memorable aspects of a wedding is where it’s being held. If you really want your wedding to be unforgettable, host it at an amazing location. As more weddings are held at venues and churches, if you really want to be different, think outside the box. You could go for a destination wedding and have it somewhere tropical, such as Hawaii or Mexico. Or if you and your partner are both big fans of the sea, you can host your wedding on a cruise, the beach or right near the water. If you’re still in need of inspiration, look to Pinterest for unique weddings and events for ideas. Thinking outside the box and having it at a unique location will be sure to make your wedding one to remember.

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Add in fun colors

What’s a better way to make a wedding memorable than by having it be a colorful affair. Even though weddings are always hueful events, there are little ways to add in extra color that your guests won’t see coming. One way is through your accessories. While many brides wear common colored accessories such as silver, white and gold, brides can add even more color into their look by wearing colorful jewelry. Opting for colorful jewelry such as blue, red, or even green can help make such a difference in your overall look and make you a stand-out bride. Another fun way to add in color throughout your look is through your hair. If you want to be daring for your big day, look into adding in fun colors throughout your hair style. Since there are so many ways you can add in colors, you’ll likely need a bit of inspiration. You can easily acquire this by looking into oVertone’s Pinterest page for hair inspiration aimed to make every woman embrace her own unique style.

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It’s all about the music

One of the most memorable and looked forward to events from weddings is the dancing and the music. If you really want your wedding to be a party all night, make sure to have a band or a DJ that will be able to do just that. It’s important that you choose music that represents both you and your partner as a couple but that you also choose classic hits that are known to be a party starter. Play the classic group dancing songs like the Macarena, the Cha Cha Slide, and Cotton Eye Joe but also mix it up with rock or current popular hits. Having a variety of music offerings will definitely be noticed by your guests and will keep them dancing all night long!