4 Wedding Favour Ideas

Your guests will not leave on the table!

Well lets admit it wedding favours can be expensive especially if you have lots of guests coming to your wedding, it may have crossed your mind, should you really bother with them? Don’t they often get left on the table.

Here are four ideas your guests will love and will take home.

  1. A miniature bottle of your guests favorite tipple, ask on their rsvp card what is their favorite drink them combine with a place card by adding a little tag with their name. I bet most get consumed on your wedding day and guests will love the personal touch. The tags are available as a digital download from Crossvine Designs on Etsy.
  2. Lollipops, who doesn’t love a lollipop. I have sourced two very different types. Belgium white chocolate lollies decorated with sprinkles, flamingos and a mini bar of chocolate. Handmade by Harrisons Bakery on Etsy. Also we have selected a giant boozy raspberry and prosecco lollipop. Available from Holly’s Lollies on Etsy. They offer a range of different alcoholic flavours so there is something for all tastes.
  3. Rainbow chocolate bars, sprinkled with sugar confetti. Adults and children will love it!. Handmade by Rainbow Sweet Treats on Etsy.
  4. Vanilla flavoured iced gems, beautifully handmade with the finest ingredients. A truly nostalgic sweet treat adults and children will love. They would look so cute packaged in stripy sweetie bags.
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