How To Measure For A Headband Size

One of the most frequent questions I get asked is which headband size should I choose?

We offer two sizes of our metal headbands 38.5 cms or 35cms.

The most effective way to measure to see which headband size is most suitable for you is to take either a tape measure or if you do not have one use a length of string or cord and measure it against a ruler.

  1. Take the tape measure and position the end behind your right ear (Fig: A), it needs to be positioned about half way down the ear. Hold it with your right hand to keep it firmly in place.
  2. Take the  rest of the tape measure up and over your head and back down to your left ear.
  3. Hold the the tape measure half way down your left ear  (Fig: B) and remove it from your head noting the measurement.
  4. Choose the headband size which is closest to your measurement.
How To Measure A Headband For Size

How To Measure A Headband For Size

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