Wedding Bouquet Photo Frame Charm

A popular question I get asked is what size are your wedding charms? You may wonder why I get asked this question when I list the sizes next to each product but it can be very hard to visualise the charm on your bouquet and I think brides just need reassurance that the charm isn’t to large so it dominates the bouquet or to small so they can’t fit a photograph in it.

So with this in mind I have created a bouquet to photograph one of my charms on.

I chose my latest wedding photo frame charm design to feature in the photograph.

Wedding Photo Frame Bouquet Charm

Wedding Photo Frame Bouquet Charm

As you can see from the images the charm is a perfect size, it is made from sturdy antique style metal with a pretty floral embossed pattern.

The photograph is held in place at each corner with metal tabs but I also included a sticky fixer for extra security.

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