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How to Plan the Perfect Proposal

Tuesday, November 20th, 2018

So you’ve found “the one” and are ready to get down on one knee and make the commitment to a lifetime of love with your soulmate. Now it’s time to plan your proposal and make it as special as your significant other is! Here are some tips to help you pull off the perfect proposal.

The symbol of love

If you’re not sure what style of ring your bride (or groom!) to-be likes, be sure to check with their mom, sister, and best friends. Chances are this topic is something that your partner has discussed with their friends and family and they will be able to guide you in the right direction! If your significant other has a Pinterest, you can even try looking through their boards. Your significant other may have pinned a few engagement rings ideas, so this is a great starting point! If you’re having trouble finding the perfect ring, online jewelers like Blue Nile make it easy to shop for engagement rings directly online.

Involve her family and loved ones

If you think your significant other would enjoy having her family and loved ones there to be a part of this special moment, invite them to hide out of sight until after you’ve got down on one knee. Whether her friends and family bring bottles of champagne, confetti poppers, flowers, and other celebratory materials or simply just surprise her after you’ve popped the question, her happy response to see her friends and family cheering you on during the special moment will be worth your efforts. If you want the moment to be more private, rather than having friends and family join you at the location, put together a surprise engagement party at your home or a local restaurant to celebrate you and your new bride-to-be with your friends and family.

Location, location, location

When planning your proposal, think of a location that means something to you and your partner. Whether it’s the park where you met or the restaurant where you had your first date, choosing a location that has special meaning to you and your future spouse is crucial. This is a great way to reflect on your time together as a couple and nod to the beautiful moments that got you to where you are today in your relationship.

It’s all in the timing

When it comes to proposing, timing is a tricky thing. Your best bet is to go with the moment that feels right. With that being said, you can still put a bit of planning into when you actually get down on one knee. For example, if you’re planning on proposing at a restaurant instead of working up your nerves through dinner and dessert, pop the question early on in the evening. This way, you and your fiancé can both celebrate together throughout the evening and your nerves don’t get in the way of enjoying your meal!

Speak from your heart

It can be tough to get your feelings across due to your nerves and excitement. A few weeks before popping the question it may be a good idea to sit down and get your ideas together. However, you shouldn’t be following a script word for word. You don’t want your proposal to seem rehearsed. Even if you stumble over your words, real, heartfelt expressions of your love are going to be what makes your proposal so special. Take your time, don’t rush through and speak from your heart. All of this is what makes your partner feel truly loved and adored.

Hire a professional photographer

Your engagement will be one of the most special moments in you and your fiancé’s lives together. Hiring a professional photographer to capture this beautiful moment will take your proposal to the next level and add to the excitement. It’s also a great way to look back on this memory for years to come and show off the way that you proposed! Your photographer can also help with planning your proposal — from choosing a location to coming up with a diversion.

Check out these helpful guides below for tips on how to choose the perfect ring for your partner and find your perfect wedding band match!

Amanda H. a diamond and wedding enthusiast.

Pre-Proposal Ideas

The Perfect Match

Best Gifts For Your Bridesmaids

Wednesday, October 17th, 2018

We are happy to present a blog post inspired by Warby Parker.

It’s important to make sure you make your bridesmaids feel special on your wedding day! They have planned showers, a bachelorette, and have been there for moral support, your bride tribe is constantly ensuring your day goes off without a hitch. You can say “thank you” a million times, but it’s still important to take time to think of thoughtful and personal gifts for your bridesmaids so they feel just as special as they have made you feel through the months of wedding planning.

The last thing you want to do is nonchalantly give your girls a Starbucks gift card (unless they love their daily coffee) and a general thank you note that you could have given anyone. Take time to think about what each of your ladies loves and go from there.


Bridesmaid Gift



Diamonds are truly a girl’s best friend. This is a gift you can get for everyone in your bridal party while still picking out individual pieces that each person will love. If you want to buy jewelry that they can wear at your wedding, head to one specific jeweler and pick out a different piece for everyone! That way, they will be of similar style, but someone who hates earrings won’t be stuck wearing long dangly ones. This shows you put thought and care into what you are gifting your girls.


Gift Bags and Jewellery



Other accessories you can get your bridesmaids are things like clutches or sunglasses. If you want your bridesmaids to have the comfort of having their belongings nearby for the ceremony and reception but still want them to match the theme of your wedding, gift them all clutches or small handbags. This is another gift you can customize for each girl’s personality.

If your wedding has a more casual and fun vibe, a great gift for awesome photos is sunglasses. Get you and your ladies in matching sunglasses by bulk ordering them. Save yourself time and money by ordering for your whole bridal party in one purchase. You will have a gift that keeps giving; it’s always nice to give something that can be utilized long after your special day.




Beauty Products

If you and your friends are all beauty obsessed then gifting skincare or makeup products is something they will be sure to love! There’s many ways to do this but one my favorites is to gift a skin-care basket that can be used the morning of the wedding. Put together a basket filled with things like a brightening mask, under eye cream, a nail brush, hand lotion, and even a nude lipstick or nail polish. This will ensure that you and your ladies have a fun time getting ready and will offer you all cute photos! Plus, this shows you put time and care in putting together a personal gift for them.


Beauty Products


Home Decor

This is another route you can take to get very personal with your gifting, but will take a little more time. You know your bridesmaids very well and can take this in any direction you want, but here are a few cute and small ideas that are easy to gift for a wedding day “thank you.” Jewelry boxes, small dishes or vases are versatile and can be used in many different ways as cute decor. Wall signage that displays your girl’s personality, whether it’s a quote from their favorite TV show or idol. Small family games like “What Do You Meme” or “Charades” so they can take it home for family fun night. Again, the options are endless here and probably don’t have a thing to do with your wedding. But again, it’s showing that you care about gifting them something thoughtful after all they have done for you during your wedding prep!

Gifting for your bridesmaids doesn’t have to be complicated, make sure you aren’t just gifting them something they will keep, just because. Simple make sure you take time to think about what each person would like best and even give a gift that they can use long after your wedding. The most important thing is to thank your lovely ladies for that they have done for you up until this very moment when you’re ready to say “I do!”

Flutterby Weddings

Spring Colour Trends

Wednesday, March 7th, 2018

New blog post today, it is about The Black Tux, suit and tuxedo rentals  in the USA and Spring Colour Trends of 2018.

They have collated three on trend colour themes for spring this year. First up is lilac and a moody rich shade of forest green styled with a soft tan suit, perfect for a laid back relaxed exotic wedding.

Lilac and green spring 2018

Lilac and Green Spring 2018

Next we have the ever popular vintage combination of blush pink and grey. Floaty soft blush pink bridal dresses, rose gold accessories, organic floral arrangements, vintage linens and the groom decked out in tones of silver grey.

Blush and Grey Spring 2018

Blush and Grey Spring 2018

And…. finally we have Slate Grey and Moss, dark inky slate suites, light slate blue bridesmaids dress, soft ivory roses in contrast to spiky sea thistles and succulents as well as mossy green foliage to complete the look.

Slate and Moss Spring 2018

Slate and Moss Spring 2018

If you love these colour combinations please checkout The Black Tux’s tuxedo and suit rentals!

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Summer Wedding Invitations

Friday, April 7th, 2017

Choosing Wedding Invitations For Your Summer Wedding

The weather is heating up and the wedding season is almost upon us. Sunshine, long days and warm nights: what better than a Summer wedding? Many people choose to use the season of their wedding as inspiration for their wedding theme, and Summer gives a tonne of beautiful options.

Your wedding invitation suite is your opportunity to set the scene for your guests before the actual day, so they know what to expect! Most people drop hints about the style and theme of the wedding in their save the dates and wedding invitations, so if you want your wedding to be Summer-inspired, the invitation is the perfect place to start.

Inspired by the beach

There’s nothing that represents Summer as well as the ocean. Whether you’re inspired by far-off tropical destinations or the seaside a little closer to home, sun, sand and water are the way to go. If the beach is your muse, consider incorporating plenty of blue in your colour palette alongside textures that remind you of waves. You can give a subtle nod with a watercolour invite, or go bold with a photographic card or wave illustrations.


Inspired by sunshine

Summer is characterised by warmth and sunshine, of course, so why not channel that into your wedding invitations? If you’re opting for digital prints, choose yellow, orange and red for your colour scheme. You could also choose metallic inks to add a little something extra. If your budget allows it, go all out with gold foil stamped wedding invitations. Not only is the gold colour a perfect representation of golden sun rays, but it will also reflect the light around it to really bring a little sunshine to your invitation suite.


Inspired by the dry landscape

The hot Summer sun can really dry out the landscape, especially if you’re in certain parts of the world (we know, we’re from Australia!). This might not sound pretty, but it really can be. Take inspiration from the dried-out bush with natural browns and greens, and consider imagery that incorporates leaves and dried flowers, grass and shrubs. This just screams rustic wedding, and works especially well if you’re going to be in a barn or on a farm with hay and dry paddocks around.

Inspired by flowers

Flowers can sometimes feel more like Spring than Summer, but they’re definitely a key part of Summer too! Summer weddings are often held in gardens and bees buzzing from bloom to bloom are part of the soundtrack of the season. Add some colour to your otherwise simple invitations with small flower illustrations, or go for full-coverage floral patterns to really make a statement. Floral and botanical designs never go out of style for weddings, no matter what time of year they are being held.



Summer is the most popular season for weddings, for good reason! There’s so much beauty already present in the environment that it’s easy to draw inspiration from your surroundings. Whether you’re a beach bunny, a sun worshipper, a flower child or something else entirely, incorporate your Summer vibes into your wedding invitations to fully set the scene for your guests. Nothing will make them as excited for your big day!

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